Gmail Dark Mode: Dark mode can make a huge difference to your day-to-day experience. Dark mode helps to reduce too much brightness when checking your messages at night, which helps protect the eyes. Gmail now has a dark mode feature which looks great and makes a refreshing change from Google’s all-white design. This article is all you need to learn how to activate the Gmail Dark Mode on your phone or desktop.


What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free Web-based e-mail service that provides its users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages. It also automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread.
According to Larry Page (Google co-founder and president), the company was inspired to create Gmail because of a user’s letter complaining about problems with existing Web e-mail services. These services include constant need to delete messages to sty within storage limits and lack of any searching ability.

Type: Webmail
Available in: 105 languages
Owner: Google LLC
Created by: Paul Buchheit
Registration: Required
Users: 1.5 billion
Launched: April 1, 2004
Current status: Active
Content license: Proprietary
Written in: C++ (back-end), Java, JavaScript


Gmail Dark Mode

This is a feature in Gmail that is refreshingly easy to activate. This is a theme you can use that leaves your Gmail dark all the time. Not only does the dark mode look great, but it also reduces glare when you’re checking your messages at night, making reading more comfortable.


How to enable Gmail Dark Mode

To be able to enable the dark mode in your Gmail, you must have an account. Listed below are the steps to follow while creating a Gmail account:

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How to Create a Gmail Account

  • Go to or download the Gmail app from playStore (for Android) or AppStore (for iPhone).
  • Open the app and click on Create account
  • A sign-up form will appear, follow the directions and enter the required information
  • Enter your phone number to verify your account
  • You will receive a verification code from Google, enter the code.
  • Click on verify
  • Enter your Birthday, Name, Gender, etc and click on Next
  • Review Google”s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy and click on I agree

You just created a Gmail account!


How to Enable Gmail Dark Mode

For Desktop

To enable the Gmail Dark Mode, you have to access Gmail through your browser. Here is how to access your Gmail and enable dark mode through desktop:

  • Open your desktop browser and go to
  • Login if necessary
  • Select the gear icon (settings) at the top-right corner of your screen
  • Select Themes. In themes, click on View all

  • You will see a lot of themes, scroll down until you see a black rectangle. However, When you put your mouse over it, it will display “Dark”

  • Select the Dark theme
  • Click on Save

For Android

  • Open your Gmail app on your Android device
  • Click on the Menu icon (the three horizontal line at the left side of your screen)
  • Scroll down and click on Settings and click on General settings
  • Click on Themes
  • Then select Dark, Light, or system default.


For iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Gmail app Gmail on your iPhone or iPad.
  • At the top left, tap Menu (the three horizontal line at the left side of your screen)
  • Click on Settings
  • Tap Themes.
  • Then select Dark, Light, or system default.
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