Facebook Business Page helps you to communicate more closely with your customers.

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for business growth and development because of it’s large audience of about 2 billion users and also because of it’s friendly features to users that use it for business.


When trying to build a brand, making your page public and selling it out in every means possible is very advisable in order for you to gather a large audience and sell your brand properly.

However, just Incase you don’t want all that maybe you have a specific audience your brand is meant for or the business page is strictly for employees or investors, then making your brand Page Private is the best.

If you are in that category where you want the business page you created on Facebook to be private, then follow the steps below;


How To Make Facebook Business Page Private

  • Log into your Facebook business page
  • Click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the blue navigation bar at the top of the page.
  • Click on the Facebook business page you want to unpublish
  • From your business page, click on settings on the white sub-navigation bar in the upper right-hand corner.
  • By default, the general tab will be selected in the left-hand column
  • Click on Page visibility then the Edit Link to the right of the Page visibility in the right-hand column
  • Click on the page unpublish button then click save changes
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You will be asked to share your reason why you would like to unpublish your page. You will be required to fill in some boxes.

  • The page isn’t finished yet
  • The business, brand, or organization is no longer active
  • I accidentally created the page
  • I didn’t get enough value from the page
  • Other

When you unpublish a page, it is no longer visible to search or on Facebook, Are you sure?

When you are done filling out the boxes, click next to unpublish the page or cancel if you have changed your mind.

If you click next, you will see another dialogue box asking you more questions


What do you need to finish the page?

Additional content (pictures, business address and phone number)

  • Tips on how to set up my page so it looks and works the way i want it to be.
  • An example of what a finished page should like
  • Confirmation From Facebook that my page is complete
  • Other (please specify)

Check in the box it says I expected and click on unpublish or back to go back.

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