Google Home smart speakers are one of the best hands-free speakerphones that might just be the best for you.

It’s great to use Google home to gather the whole family for a call with other family members and friends. It is usually very pleasant to use voice commands to start and end calls to loved ones or even business calls.

Google Home

You can also use phones to scroll social media, play music, send text messages, play games while you talk.

You will want any call you make with your Google Home to appear as your regular mobile number when you call friends and family.

We will show you how to make that happen and every other thing you need to know about setting up your Google Home.

Link your Mobile Number and Sync Contacts

By default, Google Home will display no caller ID when you make calls so you might want to change that.

Step 1

Open the Google Home App and Tap Settings

Step 2

Scroll to services and tap Voices and Video Calls then tap Mobile Calling

Step 3

Tap Your Own Number and then enter your number and the Six digit code Google texts to you to verify.

Step 4

Make sure Your Own Number is selected under Your Linked Services.

Before you can say Hey Google, Call my Dad, you will need to let Google know your Dad’s number.

At the bottom of the Mobile Calling settings page where you linked your phone number, beside Contacts Uploading, tap Turn on. This will upload your current contact list and set the App to sync with your contacts.

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Any other changes you make after this like adding new contacts, or changing contact already saved on your phone, will automatically be updated in Google Home App.

Use Voices Match to let Multiple People make Calls

If your Google Home set up has only one user, obviously you, anyone who interact with it will be limited to calling only your contacts.

But if you set up voice match, which allow multiple people to get personalised results , they can also link their contacts and make calls from their own number.

There are little steps on how to add someone

Step 1

Open the App and Tap Settings

Step 2

Tap Household then Add a person.

Step 3

Type the name of a contact on your phone, or an email address and Google will send an invitation.

The person must have or create a Google Account and sign in to the Google Home App on their Phone or Tablet to join your household. Once they do, they will be given the opportunity to accept or decline the invitation.

To set up Voice Match;

Step 1

Open the Google Home App and Tap your personal icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2

Tap Assistant on the top menu bar and then tap Voice Match.

Step 3

Tap Teach your Assistant your Voice and follow the prompts to create a voice profile.

Make Calls Using Basic Voice Command

Once you are all set up, you can do almost everything you normally do when making calls on your smart phone. Only with Voice Command that begin with Hey Google or Ok Google.

  • To start a call, say, “Call (contact name)”.
  • If you are calling a business name say “Call Business Name” if there are multiple locations, add the street of the location you want to call. If you don’t know, you can ask where the nearest location is and say “Call that one”
  • You can also say “Redial”
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To end a call, you can say;

  • “End the call”
  • “Hang up”
  • “Disconnect”
  • “Stop”

You can also tell Google Home to Mute or unmute


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