Video editing has become one of the major skills many marketers are learning. But unfortunately, many people find it difficult to use editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia and more. So many people don`t know that they can actually edit or create videos with a simple windows software. Windows offers free movie maker software, easy and fun to use. And this article will teach you as a beginner, how to use windows movie maker to edit video for your business.

Windows Movie Maker is a video editor and slideshow maker application for Windows Operating System. It is designed to easily create a video story with slideshows.

It is easy to learn how to use Windows Movie Maker compared to many video editing apps. In fact, I use it 90% of the time when i want to create and edit videos in a system.


Download Using Windows Installer & Microsoft Online Store

Windows Movie Maker is already installed in your system, if you use Windows 7 or 8, so just go to your software(s), search for it and use. But if you don`t have Windows Movie Maker in your Windows Operating System, you can easily download and install it from Microsoft Store Online.
I know your next question is “How do I use it?“. Don`t worry, study the guide below, practice and play around with the application and then you will be a professional Video Editor because this software has incredible features.

Guide on How to use Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

I have observed during my training for Adobe After Effects and other graphic design software, that many of my students are always scared with what they see when they open these applications.

Just follow these simple steps and read every instructions on your screen. Because the software is user-friendly and easy to use.

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windows movie maker 2

We only need to learn how to use the tools in the application and then the different parts of the application. That`s all.

The first thing to do is get your photos, music or videos files ready, you can put them in a folder for easy access. As seen in the image above. 

windows movie maker 1

Next, launch your Windows movie maker software, add videos or photos, launch the software, select from the bottom of your screen the style to use; Timeline or Storyboard. Then drag the contents (files) from your folder into the _style section.

Working with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Tools and Features

Adding Title- Click on Titles and Credits from the “Tools” section in the menubar, to edit the title to your video, click on “Edit” at the left section of your app, and under EDIT, click Titles and Credits, then Title at the beginning. Take the same step to edit credits.
Add Audio- Drag any audio from its folder, the same way you added your contents. The audio time can also be edited from the timeline below the video files or pictures files.
You can also add music from iTunes, simply open iTunes, search for the song you want, right click for option and select “Create Way Version”. After converting is completed, you can drag it to Windows Movie Maker.
Using Transitions- Select from a list of transition options above and then drag it in between video files or photos.
Using Effects- You can add effects by dragging a selected effect down in front of the video file or photo you want it to affect. Examples of these effects to your video are Slow Motion, Black and White, Fast Motion, Old Film Age, Negative, and many more.
Adjust your timeline and time frame of photos and videos always till you get what you want. When you are satisfied with your video, click on File, select Save, follow the instructions, select the format you want and give your video a name. When the creating process is 100%, then congratulations, you`ve just created a video.

Windows Movie Maker comes with many great features and tools which you can do incredible things, play around with the application`s environment and you`ll be amazed by what you can do with Windows Movie Maker.

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