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Facebook Group – Social Media Marketing is a powerful advertisement option that so many business owners haven`t realized. In this article, I will expose some of my Facebook ads` secrets using Facebook group services.

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, Facebook is a powerful tool. You can create awareness on Facebook by Building a Facebook Business Page to create a Facebook Ad campaign, prepare a Facebook Advertising Campaign proposal for business, create a Facebook post for Selling on Facebook.


Facebook Group Marketing

There are 2 (two) types of Facebook groups and they are Open group and Closed group.

The Facebook open group instantly accepts members when invited and allows any member to post and respond to threads.

Facebook open groups do not have the same quality of users as closed groups. When you post content on an open group, it will be seen by all of your friends.

In a Facebook closed group, you need to apply to join and wait for the admin to approve your invite. Facebook closed group is typically filled with quality members because admins do a great job of banning anyone that posts inappropriate content, and this allows the group to grow and thrive.

When a content is posted on a closed group, it`s only visible in the news feed to the members of that specific group alone.

Now that you understand how Facebook groups work, there are lots of ways you can utilize these services like selling on Facebook groups, create awareness of your products and services, create more traffic for your websites and many more.


7 ways to make Facebook Group work for you

#1 – Optimize your personal profile to make yourself look awesome.

Although your personal profile may not get as much visibility, its still important that you look presentable for people to do business with you.

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#2 – Choose the right groups to join.

You can start by searching on Facebook for the most common keywords associated with your target audience. You may be confused about which group to join from the search result but you should focus on groups with these qualities: Group with more than 4000 members, closed groups, group with good purpose (read the group`s description), check the type of members (check some members profile to see if they are the right people to associate with).


#3 – Join at least 15 + groups that fall to your target audience

and have good members engagements. Practice the previous ways but remember that not every closed group will have good members engagement.


#4 – Observe what happens in the group immediately you`re approved.

Find out if there are different members posting to the group or just one person, more quality post updates to the group regularly. This way you are sizing up the group`s engagement and then you know what kind of awareness or brand you can start creating for yourself).


#5 – Create a value post, this can be a clickable link to your website or blog.

Remember that your goal is to engage people, deliver value through conversation and double your website traffics.


#6 – Find the most active admin in the group.

Send them good messages to remind them that you just joined the group. This is my best practice. Sometimes I decide to play a game in the group, not ignoring their rules. I may set up 3 different banners or logo designs and ask for members` opinions and feedbacks or post a random question and include a free download gift. The goal is to include a logo or business name in any designs or questions posted.

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Discover what the group finds most valuable, focus more on that topic or niche, and include a link of your content to your post or comment in the group. The goal is to create more email lists, direct sales, increased revenue and traffics from members that love your content.

Send a friend request to members that connect to you through comments or visiting your website. Encourage them to comment on your posts because the Facebook algorithm pushes any post replied or commented on to the top of your news feed.


Here is my secret strategy that helps me save money on Ads and utilize the power of the Facebook group.

Do you know that when you mention someone`s name on Facebook, a notification will be sent to the individual linking to that particular post. You and I knows that people will always click to see why their names are mentioned

If this works for you, let us know by sharing your experience on the comment section below to encourage my write up and help others.

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