7 Incredible Strategies to Create Unique Website Titles

Website Titles – Providing interesting and rich content is great in every site, but what happens when you provide contents with a short website title, post title, or with no keywords?Website Titles

Keywords are the words you use to describe what you hope to find when performing a Web search.


  • Do you know that interesting, attractive and catchy website title that contains keywords, determines:

  1. Your rankings on google.
  2. Your page (content/post) traffic.
  3. Interesting to read contents.
  4. Increase in email lists.
  5. Increase in social media shares and backlinks.
  • The title of every webpage is the most important piece of the contents of that page. If you fail to create a compelling headline or title, then that great piece of content you did research for many days to get right may not be seen or shared.

Do you know that 8 out of 10 people reads the headline and only 2 out of 10 reads/consume the content of that page (webpage)


7 Incredible Strategies to Create Unique Website Titles as a Content Manager

Use 1 of the 3 common types of sentence cases;

  1. Caps only

  2. Lower case and the best and,

  3. Capitalize the 1st letter of major words. Study shows that sentence case, main words attract more users to the contents of that title.

  4. Use power words to create an emotional post or website title. Use the copywriter`s power words. Words like: free, specially tested, improved, limited, immediately, powerful, big, sale, popular, guarantee, etc.

  5. Use brackets words for specific types of contents.
  6. Do not come across too pushy. Use you or yours to address your readers.
  7. Use a co-schedules headlines analyzer (to help you check if the title is in the right order) like Yoast.
  8. Incorporate the most shared 3 words key phrases in your title. eg: things that happen, you probably didn`t, in your life, of all time, reasons you should, things you probably, didn`t know about, etc.
  9. Scare your users into clicking by adding negative superlative. Eg: Instead of using “5 ways to build a strong relationship with your partner”. Use – 7 worst behavior that can destroy your relationship.
  10. Do not use more than 57 characters to keep search engines from cutting off your title which may even be your keywords. Do you know that some letters take more space than the letter I? No matter what your post style is, aim to give readers clarity. This simply means that the title will tell them what they`ll get.


    SEOs use titles and keywords to improve your rankings. If you produce great content without the right title, then you`ve just wasted time and hard work.

    The above steps will help you improve your rankings on search engines. To learn more about this and learn how you can improve your SEO rankings, setup Ad units to improve and increase your traffic, Ad earnings, create catchy titles, stay on this first page of search engines. Simply subscribe to my newsletter, by entering your email address on the left side of this platform and receive relevant information.

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