6 Things All Females Talk About When They are Together

Females Talk – When it comes to having a chat with friends, we talk about almost everything and anything. Girls talk about gritty topics like period flows, work sabotages, and of course a lot about sex, penises, and their latest food obsessions.

Females Talk


Here are some topics all-girls talk about when they are together.

6 Things All Females Talk About

1. Period Problems

This is always a hot topic, and when this topic is discussed, it is guaranteed that at least one of the contributors will definitely be on her period at the moment.

This topic will be discussed in graphic details, and topics will range from the amount of blood, the gross period poo, and pad choice.


2. General Vaginal Topics

They talk about any new smell, itchiness, and discharge. A girl will immediately consult her friends before on this topic before she visits a doctor.


3. Females Talk About Sex

Females talk about this a lot with their friends. They often talk about who is having it, who isn’t, who is having it with who, and who is having it the best.

Also, they talk about sex toys, positions, how-to guides, and basically nothing is off-limits.


4. There will be Comparisons

Girls don’t just compare sizes and sexual prowess, but will even compare how long their hair is, how beautiful they are, and how sexy they look.


5. Females Talk About Food

Girls talk about dieting and all types of food. There will always someone who will talk about the benefits of fruit smoothies, which will be counteracted by some absolute legend explaining the best technique to eat two desserts in one sitting.

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6. How to Avoid Unnecessary Things

Females talk about how to maximize sleep and avoid showering with dry shampoo. Also, how to avoid body hair removal with strategically ripped jeans. If there’s a shortcut for something, someone will definitely know it.

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