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Google AdSense is a program that allows website owners in the Google Network of blog and content websites to serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements. These ads can be targeted to the website content and audience. There are different tips to set up these adverts in your website, I call these tips “the Google Searching -Tricks”.

(In this article, I will expose a few of the Google Searching -Tricks)


#1 – Group Your Ads Above the fold

Doing this will increase your ad rate to make than 100%. The simple way to do this is to simply log in to your Adsense Dashboard, create at least 3 Ad units with responsive style, or any style of your choice. Next is to log in to your website dashboard or if your website is built by hand-coding, go to your code and make sure that each page gets at most 4 Ads. arranged as listed below:


Google AdSense tricks in setting up ads & sizes

970*90px leaderboard Ad. It should be below the navigation of your site, and above the post/content title.

300*250px, square Ad. It should be on the post/content page, below the title of page content. most advertisers use this and so it can increase the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) than other types of Ad unit.

300*600px, half-page Ad. is great at the top of the sidebar. But note that Google doesn’t allow you to place Ads in a smart scrolling sidebar.

Responsive link Ads should be placed immediately after or before the last paragraph of every content.

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#2 – Google AdSense tricks in enabling Text and Image Ads

To increase the number of advertisers competing for an Ad spot, to get above 54% ECMP, make sure you enable Text and image Ads while creating Ad. Units.


#3 – Tracking statistics for specific URLs

Google allows you to track statistics for specific URLs. If you see posts with higher CPC, write content for such.


#4 – Write solid content to improve Ad. Impression and visibility

Provide solid and long content to improve Ad. Impression and visibility. Find the topic that pays out more CPC (cost per click). An example of long content can be a post on “top 31 amazing platform to learn” this can contain images and pagination where each page can contain 2 or 3 platforms.

You can even write another post relating to the same topics and create an internal link for each post. This allows you to drive more Ads. impression and decreases the bounce rate for that page.


#5 – Google AdSense tricks in choosing the right theme

You can do research on the theme that`s SEO optimized for your CMS. Because BETTER SEO OPTIMIZATION = GOOD RANKING = MORE TRAFFIC = INCREASED AD. EARNINGS. The theme and engagement on a particular content can massively increase your earnings. For WordPress CMS users, the Newspaper theme has the fastest load times and improved track records. You can use it?


Google AdSense is good, but do not use AdSense Ad on your landing page, and block competitors Ads, this is because your competitors may offer exceptional products that your audience will love and leave your product/services for theirs.

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It takes lots and lots of traffic to break 6 figures in a year in AdSense. Research made shows that to get up to $100,00, you`ll need to earn $8334 a month from AdSense, and $3000 a month can make up to $9000 when properly optimized. Wow! But it`s possible with improved ideas and work. If you have a website and a Gmail account, why not login to your google adsense account, optimize your website for AdSense, and start enjoying these benefits.

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