If you`re using any Android device, then the new Microsoft Launcher is the App you need.  The Microsoft launcher has so many great and unique features and I have never used any other app launcher in my android device.

One of the notable updates to Microsoft Launcher is the Continue on PC feature. So imagine bringing your PC to your phone, and that`s the experience you can get.

microsoft launcher

Here are the reasons you need the New Microsoft Launcher for your Android OS

#1 – Personal Reason

You need a launcher that connects to your Microsoft Account to synchronize your tasks, sticky notes contents, and other settings and services so that you can continue a task with another device or PC.

#2 – Easy access to your device`s apps

Microsoft Launcher is developed to work seamlessly with Microsoft application and it gives you quick access to everything you need.

When you download the Microsoft launcher, you will get an instance of other Microsoft apps like Microsoft Office, Skype, etc. These apps are nicely bundled into a folder ready for download.

#3 – Clean and Beautiful designs

Microsoft launcher brings every day with a fresh look and a free access service to beautiful Bing wallpapers that change automatically each daily. You can also customize icon packs, theme colors, and wallpapers.

#4 – Tracking Features and Settings

Provides settings for staying up to date on another device`s locations and activities. It also shows you the application being used and how much the rate of usage.

#5 – Keeps you updated with new feed features

This launcher allows you to create a customizable feed (by sliding to the left of your screen) where you can see your recent images, documents, tasks, emails, social posts, contacts, events, and more (or less) if you want.



Microsoft Launcher is available for all users running Android 4.0.3 and above.

To download the Launcher to your device, simply launch your PlayStore and search from the top menu bar for “Microsoft Launcher” click Download or click here to use the direct link. After the download is complete, launch the app and give administrator permission to be used and as default launcher for your device.

Slide to the left of your screen to see a welcome message, login section, feed section, widget, and others all in one screen. Tap the Login, select Microsoft Outlook, in the next pop up, enter your login details and process. If you have not registered for a Microsoft Email Account, you will not be able to log in.

To set any of the features above and more, simply drag and slide from the bottom of your screen, or drag from the top depending on your device and look for the settings icon for launcher settings and not phone settings. Everything you want to customize for your launcher will be found there.

Hope you have downloaded the amazing Microsoft Launcher, and you`re enjoying its features?

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