5 Apps to install for Christmas Season 2020

The countdown to Christmas is on and if you want to get in the festive spirit we`ve picked out the top 5 apps to install for Christmas season 2020.

There are some great famous fun apps such as Christmas lost-writing tools and one that lets you track Santa`s whereabouts on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Season 2020

And there is actually one with realistic crackling fire if you haven`t got one at home.


Check out these incredible apps to help you enjoy your Christmas Season 2020.

1. EIF Yourself

This hilarious app will bring the family together upload each family members face from your phone and put them onto one of the elves bodies you can then watch your family come to life as they dance and sing to a Christmas-theme on a video the video can then be shared via email or Facebook.

2. NORAD Tracks Santa

The NORAD Tracks Santa app will let you watch the countdown to Santa`s flight from the North Pole on December 24 and follow his whereabouts on Christmas Eve as he travels around the world to deliver the present. There are videos for each destination that he visits.

3. Inky

Create and send Christmas cards under three minutes this year with app inkly. There are hundreds of designs to choose from or you can even create your own by uploading your favorite family photos.

To give a personal touch inkly uses handwriting technology. Write your message on a piece of paper, take a picture of it with your phone and transfer your handwriting (and sketch if you wish) inside your choosen card.

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4. Fireplace 3D Lite

Fireplace 3D lite from iTunes will make you feel cozy this Christmas. If you don`t have your own wood fire there`s no need to worry as this app will make you feel like you`re sitting in front of a lovely, and warm one in the comfort of your own home.

5. Christmas Music

Do you love a Christmas tune or two? You can listen to thousands of free holiday sings with the Christmas Music app. All of the app’s music is velted to be from creative commons or independent musicians which means they are all completely legal so you can download classic and holiday music songs.

Feel free to leave your comment below and suggestions Happy Christmas in advance.


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