2go on PC has seen so many improvements. No download is required to use 2ho on PC, just follow the required steps in this article.

2go is a social media platform where people interact, make new friends, chat with friends, find old friends and distant family relative.

2go on PC

In 2go, there is a hierarchy system that can only be attained when one chat on the app frequently and continuously. The more you chat, the more your hierarchy goes up.

There is no money or benefit attached to having the most hierarchy on the app. It only just gives you pride amongst friends and other users of the app.

2go is a mobile messenger that connects millions of people where you can set up your profile, share files, and pictures.

2go is free you are only charged a little amount of money by your mobile operator for the network connection they provide you.

How to Start Using 2go on PC

On the page that loads up,

Enter your 2go mobile messenger name and password.

How to Download 2go on PC

If you have a personal computer, you can download 2go on PC, and be able to enjoy 2go chat From your PC using the software 2go PC accumulator.

To use 2go on PC, you will have to first sign up to 2go and get a username and password. If you already have a 2go Account then there is no need for this step.

After the step above, visit this link https://pc.2go.im. When the page loads, you will need to select your phone number, enter your cell phone number and 2go password.

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How to use 2go on PC with Friends on Facebook

After you are done installing 2go software on your mobile phone, navigate to “settings”, then “gateways” and click on “Facebook“.

This enables you to enter your Facebook login details: your username and password. At any time your Facebook friends come online, you will be notified and you can start chatting with them.

One thing you have to remember is, your Facebook username on 2go is not the same as the email address you use in logging into your Facebook account.

To get your Facebook username, visit www.facebook.com/username. This is the name you will use to login to your 2go Chat application for Facebook.

However, the password remains your regular Facebook password which you will have to enter in the appropriate field.

Additional Information on How to Use 2go

2go is one of Africa’s biggest social media network that aims to connect millions across the continent and other parts of the world. It aims to bridge language, thoughts, ideas, and cultures.

You can also link your 2go account with Mxit and not just Facebook.

Chat rooms on 2go are categorized according to your interest and location.

You can get 2go credits which give you access to some other features in the application such as games and competition, chat rooms, styles, star level, however, you do not require 2go credit to chat with friends individually.

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