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What is a Browser Extension?

A software can be an extension. Therefore a browser extension is a software module for improving the functionality and customizing a web browser. Most browsers typically allow a variety of extensions, including user interface modifications, ad blocking, security management, and cookie management.


15 Best Browser Extension

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#1 – Link shorteners

Link shortener is an extension that makes it easier to deal with clunky URLs. But it can also be a bit of a security risk to use this kind of extension, as a shortened link can direct you to ANY part of the internet.


#2 –

This is a Chrome extension that takes users to an in-between page when you click on a shortened URL. It displays the URL where the link shortener is redirecting you to, as well as inform you of any known associated malware and tracking cookies.


#3 – AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is a free open source ad blocker add-on that makes much of the fact that it`s beholden to no corporate sponsors or marketers.

When it`s activated, it doesn`t whitelist or let through “acceptable” advertising. This add-on simply removes advertising such as pop-ups, videos, banner ads. and more.

It also blocks a variety of online tracking tools. But it gives you the option of whitelisting selected websites whose ads they want to support.

#4 – FlowCrypt

FlowCrypt bolts on PGP encryption to the Google mail experience, by adding a Secure compose icon that allows users to send encrypted mail and attachments from the Gmail web application. It also has the functionality to let you save encrypted drafts, generate a new Public Key for encrypting or decrypting messages, and also create password-encrypted emails if you do not have FlowCrypt installed.


#5 – Silent Site Sound Blocker

Silent Site Sound blocker helps to puff up video views and reach by auto-playing a random video anywhere in a tiny corner of a website. Sometimes, this can be annoying, especially when you have more than one open tabs and have no idea where on the browser the video is actually playing from.


#6 – Social Fixer Browser Extension

Social Fixer helps to organize your Facebook by removing the unwanted feature, clean political posts from Facebook, arrange your news feed orderly, always see recent contents and easily find posts you’ve interacted with. It can also hide sponsored posts and contents, filter your news feed so you don’t miss important news, and many more.

#7 – Google Arts & Culture

This is an extension that turns your tab page into your own art gallery, delivering masterpieces of world art right to your browser. Every day a new piece of art is added when you open your browser, and you can also set the extension to deliver a new painting every time you open a new tab. Interesting right? If there is a content you like, you can simply click on it to see more information about it.

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#8 – Imagus Browser Extension

Images are useful in a situation when there are Tiny thumbnails that don`t open to large images, or worse, only open to large images on the same page or open links instead of larger views.

You can just hover your mouse over an image you want to see in a larger view, and it`ll expand it, nice and big so you can check its information.


#9 – Evernote

This is one of the most popular note-taking tool available, and its cool Evernote Web Clipper allows one to easily save web content from their Chrome browser into their Evernote notebooks. It also allows screenshots, save as PDF, and mark up content or images.


#10 – VideoStream

VideoStream is a handy Chrome extension that allows users to stream videos from your computer straight to your Chromecast or Android TV without changing the media server software.

VideoStream supports many types of video formats even at full 1080p resolutions. It also supports subtitles and it`s a surprisingly capable video player for a browser extension.


#11 – Magic Actions

Magic Actions extend the functionality of your browser by fixing issues with your video player especially from Youtube. In addition, Magic Actions also suppresses ads, kills YouTube comment sections, lets you control the volume with your mouse wheel, adds a cinema mode that cuts the cruft, and lets you focus fully on your video.


#12 – Browser Extension

This is one of our favorite cross-platform to-do list application and the Chrome add-on lets you seamlessly sync your checklists, tasks, and notes directly from your mobile devices and your desktop.

You can always create new lists and reminders, easily organize with a drag-and-drop user-friendly interface, share tasks, add notes and many more, all from your browser and synced across all any device.


#13 – Click&Clean

This is a handy utility extension that allows you to preserve your surfing privacy by scrubbing away traces of your online traffic in your local system. Its major functionalities is to scrub your browsing history, clear cookies, as well as dump your temp file cache.

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Yes, you can do all these from your browser`s settings, but Click&Clean makes it easier with just a click and help you keep hard drive bloat to a minimum while reducing malware risk.


#14 – Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

Awesome Screenshot is an incredible tool that makes capturing and annotating portions of Web pages so easy. Captured screenshots can be saved immediately to the user`s computer or can be uploaded to for easy sharing. Another best feature is that you can record an entire web page with ease and save images over the old 2MB limit.


#15 – HTTPS Everywhere

When it comes to security, HTTPS Everywhere is what I recommend. It simply works by automatically enforcing connection to the encrypted version of any website using HTTPS instead of the unprotected HTTP protocol. This add-on is created by EEF and the Tor Project group.



Difference between a Browser Extension and Browser Plug-ins

Extensions exist to extend the functionality of browsers. All the extensions listed above works for Chrome browsers but few works for other browsers. Simply go to your browser settings, search for extension and type the name of the extension you want to add.

Browser Extensions and Browser plug-ins are a separate type of module. Don`t get confused, just know that the major difference is that extensions are usually just source code, but plugins are object code, that means they`re executables

A few years ago, plugins became deprecated by most browsers, while extensions are used often. Google Chrome, which is known as the most popular browser, now has thousands of extensions available but only one plugin known as the Adobe Flash Player and even this plugin are disabled by default.

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